Hi! Are you a freelancer who works in Design, IT or Marketing?


Do you want work with agencies all over the world and with our own clients?

Creative Walkers is a remote creative team (Yes, you can work from China to Africa if your project isn’t onsite, we don’t care) that works  like a community of freelancers. If we have a client and your skill is needed, we will contact you with all details and our account managing team will help you with it . You do not have to care about client and we help you with everything. What could be better than more creative work and less burocratic stuff?


Of course we have rules!

  1. You need to be cool
  2. You need to be in place with a reasonable fast internet
  3. You need to have the responsability of any other worker
  4. You need to comply with our procedures
  5. You can’t work with ours clients in the next three years!
  6. You will sign a contract with us to guarantee our rights and YOUR RIGHTS!
  7. You need to have the ambition of discover the entire world in this life (mandatory)


What do you get:

  1. Account Managing
  2. E-mail box from Creative Walkers
  3. Cloud storage
  4.  E-learning Resources

After some work done you can get Creative Cloud and other stuff

Join us!

My skill is about*
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